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Youphoria Non Slip Microfiber Yoga Towel, 24″ x 72″, Black Towel/Gray Stitching


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Get a Grip with Youphoria Yoga’s Non-Slip Yoga Towel
Youphoria Yoga Towels are everything you want from a yoga towel. Super absorbent, quick-drying microfiber allows you to hold your yoga poses without slipping when you hands or feet get sweaty.

Towel is sized to fit straight on top of your standard (24″ x 72″) yoga mats. Youphoria Yoga Towels provide a hygienic barrier between you and your mat, are hypo-allergenic, and absorb 7 times its weight in water (or sweat!). Machine washable, unlike your yoga mat. Extends your yoga mat life.

  • NON SLIP AND SKID-LESS: Pouring Sweat and Feeling like your Yoga Mat is a Slip and Slide? Not anymore! These yoga mat towels grip best when wet, which is perfect during those long Bikram Hot Yoga Sessions. Keeping you grounded, focused, and in perfect balance.
  • EXTENDS MAT LIFE AND REDUCES RISK OF BACTERIA: Stinky mat? Let those nostrils rest assured and breathe deep, free of strong funky odors caused by bacteria build up on your mat. These machine washable yoga towels add a hygienic layer between you and your mat, reducing the risk of harmful bacteria spreading to your skin and saving you time on cleaning your mat.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT: Do not let these yoga towels fool you by how light they are, these microfiber towels are made to absorb 7 times its weight in water. But they wíll quickly air dry in no time!
  • PERFECT SIZE: This 24″ x 72″ hot yoga towel is the perfect size for any yoga mat. It’s also a great travel yoga companion when you’re away. No more using the tops of old hotel gym mats. Just toss this in your carry-on and enjoy practicing in your hotel room.

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