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Yes4All Stretch Yoga Strap, Dynamic Multi-Loop Elastic, 76 Inches Long


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Get the stretch strap to extend your muscle capabilities for better performance. 
You don’t need a partner to help, Yes4All Stretch Strap will be your ultimate stretching supporter. The heavy-duty nylon material features a strong and elastic tool to achieve deeper, more effective stretches.

Benefits you can get from Stretch strap
• Helpful in both dynamic warm-up before yoga and other sports and daily stretching routine
• Prevent injuries and total body circuit workout;
• Use for physical therapy, rehab, tension alleviation
• Enhance overall flexibility

Also, stretching regularly with Yes4All Stretch Strap can trigger blood circulation and give more blood and nutrient to muscles; as a result, it helps reduce muscle pain, build strength and increase range of motion in core muscles.

The strap measures 76 inches long, 1 inch wide, providing a wonderful head-to-toe stretch and targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Easy use and storage
Easy to use and is small enough to carry around in a small bag for your convenience.
Try our stretch strap and feel more relaxed, less tensed and all around more vibrant throughout the day!

  • Heavy-duty nylon material.
  • Imported.
  • Strong, flexible, and elastic stretching material with 76 inches long to stretch whole body.
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion in core muscles.
  • Stretch all the muscle groups, total body, hamstring, groin and more.
  • Dynamic warm-up before yoga, sports and total body circuit workout.
  • Easy to use and is small enough to carry around in a small bag.

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