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the original bodylift yoga headstand

The Original Bodylift Yoga Headstand Review

The Body Lift Headstand is a wonderful yoga prop that is used, as the name suggests, for doing headstands. Due to the weight of your entire body, any traditional way of doing a headstand can cause massive injury to your neck vertebrae and spinal cord. But since the benefits of inversions are well documented, you need to perform inversions in a safe and pain-free way.

It beats logic to improve a body part by gaining the benefits of a certain exercise yet harm another part of your body by doing so. Therefore, you need a way to experience its benefits without the downsides. This is where the Bodylift Yoga Headstand comes into play.

original bodylift yoga headstandIt is like a small bench with a T-shaped top. It features a thick foam cushion on top and four legs to give it stability. Also, this Bodylift headstand has a place to put your hands to balance your body, and an insert that transforms it into a bench.

However, the cool thing about it is that it doesn’t put any strain to your head and neck. Your shoulders carry your weight. To perform a headstand, you gently rest your shoulders on the Bodylift Yoga Headstand’s comfortable cushion, thus you can do inversions safely for as long as you want.

Your head doesn’t have to carry the weight of your body, resulting in not straining your head whilst performing a normal headstand. It is easy to use – no superhuman strength required. Anyone who is willing to try it can use it to do an inversion.

Watch this video for more details:

Performing inversions can have many health benefits for your body, like, for example, a better blood circulation. An increased blood flow to the brain can be good for your mind and central nervous system. It can also help to reduce back pain and to improve posture. When you are inverted, pressure is increased on your diaphragm, and this in turn will strengthen your lungs.

Also, it can be beneficial for neck stretching exercises. Since your head dangles off the floor, your neck is free to relax and stretch. Furthermore, it has an insert that transforms it into a bench. Hence, the Bodylift headstand can be used for performing many variations and stretches such as the side lying pose.

Its thick and comfortable padding is perfect for support and daily use. Practicing close to the floor will make stretching exercises much easier to control.

performing a safe yoga handstandThe Original Bodylift Yoga Headstand is easy to carry around. Even with its small frame you can disassemble it, making it simpler to take it with you anywhere. Reassembling it is relatively fast.

It is a small prop, and you may initially be afraid to use it because it’s supposed to carry your whole body weight.

However, the Body Lift Headstand should be eased into. Do not rush to do a head stand once you get it.

Place it next to the wall, and with your feet on the wall use it to gain balance so you do not wobble and fall. Since it’s made of steel, it is strong and stable enough to support your body. practicing on the original bodylift yoga headstand

This Bodylift Yoga Headstand is a versatile piece of equipment, doing more than it was intended for. Therefore, it can become an useful addition to your yoga props.

I’m sure, once you’ve tried it, you will enjoy experiencing the many benefits it can add to your daily yoga practice, and feel great to be upside-down.

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