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the largest yoga mat available review

The Largest Yoga Mat Available Review

This Square36 yoga mat, measuring 96″ x 72″ x 6mm, is the largest yoga mat available these days (Four times larger than a standard sized mat). An environmentally responsible manufactured yoga mat, made from only high grade premium non-toxic materials.

Sometimes you just feel the need to go large. The Largest Yoga Mat Available makes sure you won’t ever have to go any bigger. It is ideal for home-based studios, and your poses will never ever be restricted again. You can use it for yoga, for stretching without shoes, and anything else you would do in a yoga studio.

The main thing, however, is that it allows you to get the space you need to do your poses. This is a mat you want to get if you have an entire room you’d like to turn into a yoga studio.

I do not recommend trying to bring it with you when you go to yoga classes. I honestly don’t think you’ll be able to find a yoga bag big enough to carry it. However, for the purposes it has been designed for, there is no better mat on the market.

In a hurry? Just watch the following video for more details:

In your home yoga studio, you can also use it as an underlay for another mat if you want that bit of extra spring in your mat when you do your exercises. All in all, there are various reasons to consider before buying this large yoga mat.

Obviously, the first thing you’ll have to think about is whether or not this mat is actually too big for your needs. I mean, when do you need a mat that is four times the size of a standard mat? It is certainly not a mat you carry around easily. So, it’s useless right? Not at all. For your home-based studio, this is the perfect mat.

A great mat providing you with the one thing that is most important in yoga – space. No other mat will give you the same space for doing your exercises. You won’t risk slipping outside the mat’s boundaries, and you won’t have any issues using it to do relaxing meditative exercises on your back either.

If you intend to use it for your home studio, you could also use it, for example, as an underlay for other mats. This way, you get a bit of extra spring and softness that will make your poses a bit more comfortable. Comfort is the key to a good yoga session, and with this large mat you will get just that. Comfort in your actual poses, but also the guarantee in knowing that you have all the space you will ever need.

This largest yoga mat, available from Square36, is not an all-purpose mat by any means. However, for the purpose it is designed for, it’s the best one you can buy. I highly recommend this mat for your home studio. You won’t find a better mat that can provide all the space needed for exercising in a safe and comfortable way.

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