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jade fusion 74 inch yoga mat review

A Thorough Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat Review

You will discover in this thorough review that the Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat is an excellent product to practice both, Restorative Yoga (to achieve physical and mental relaxation with the help of a pillar or pole) and Power Yoga (heavy fitness based approach). The main ingredient of this mat is natural rubber from the Far East. An important point to mention is that this particular mat is Jade’s thickest mat giving the utmost comfort.

jade fusion yoga matThe thickness is a remarkable 5/16 inch, which is ideal for practicing either yoga or any other extreme fitness exercises. The length of this mat is 74 inches, thus being an ideal fit for even the tallest yogis!

If the mat gets wet, there is absolutely no chance of any slipping, because it is made of natural rubber. This rubber carries anti-slippery properties, giving a firm hold during any meticulous yoga practice. The Jade Fusion Mat provides also additional flexibility and a high level of comfort while practicing yoga.

The manufacturing process of the Jade Yoga Fusion 74-inch yoga mat is done in a strictly environmental friendly manner. It means, there are no substances added during the entire manufacturing process that will harm the ozone layer, following strictly the U.S. Environmental and Labor laws (this policy applies to all Jade yoga mats). The basic aim of this Jade Fusion mat is to take care of your body and the Earth as well. Therefore, whenever a mat is purchased, Jade will plant a tree in partnership with Trees for the Future!

So, let’s have a look at the mat’s pros:

  • Firm Grip – The main advantage of Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat is its traction. It will deliver perfect results in dry as well as wet conditions. Therefore, providing an increased comfort whilst practicing.
  • Feeling – A better feeling on hands and feet because of its natural rubber.
  • Environment Friendly – This mat will take care of the yogi and the Earth. Made in the US without using any synthetic plastics.
  • Comfortable – Due to its design, length, and extra thickness, this is one of the most comfortable yoga mats available today.

However, let’s have a look at some of the few cons:

  • Expensive – At first, this Jade yoga mat appears to be slightly expensive. Then again, considering the natural, high-quality materials used as well as Jade’s contributions for a better and healthy environment, it might be unjust to describe this mat just as expensive.
  • Weight – Occasionally, its weight of 7.8 pounds could be a disadvantage whilst carrying it. Also, a wet mat could take longer to dry.

Still, the facts you have discovered so far in this Jade Yoga Fusion Mat review are that this is a value for money product, providing you with a solid grip for many years to come. This Fusion mat is ideal for any yoga, Pilates or core fitness exercise, helping you to achieve better results comfortably.

In a hurry? Just watch the following video for more details:

This is one the best mats to buy. As mentioned before, the Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat is perfect for all types of yoga, such as:

  • Power yoga – A heavy fitness based approach to a vinyasa style yoga.
  • Hot yoga – Also known as Bikram yoga, performed in hot and humid conditions.
  • Beach and outdoor yoga – Performed outdoors, usually in the shade. Also, the Jade mat is perfect for stretching exercises.

In short, if you consider the advantages and the uses of the product, it is one of the best in the industry. The pros of Jade Fusion Yoga Mat easily beat its cons.

In conclusion of this Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat review there is one final question left: What are you waiting for? If you are planning taking yoga classes or improving your yoga exercises or poses, this mat would be the ideal choice. This extra thick mat, made from open cell natural rubber, guarantees you no slipping whilst practicing as well as a solid blend of performance and comfort.

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